Yarn Crawl Pt2 – Perth!

Next on the list was Perth.  We stopped that Fiddleheads Bar & Grill for lunch.  Excellent food and wonderful service, but it’s not the cheapest of places.  I had the grilled vegetable wrap which was expertly done and full of flavour.

Just outside of Perth in Glen Tay is Janie H Knits, another wonderful little spot.

Like Just Knitting from yesterdays post Janie H Knits is full of warmth and plenty of interesting things.  She has a wide selection of yarns from all over.  A great collection of needles, even the square ones.  I’ve seen the Kollage Yarns Square Needles before, but only on-line and I’ve wanted to try them for a while.

This trip I promised myself only locally made things or things that were on my “must find” list.  So no square needles for me, well, not until the next time I go!

Now, from yesterday:

The yarn bowl is by Victoria Jenkins of Magical Mud in Carleton Place.  Her site is apparently MIA but I’m sure that Kelly at Just Knitting would know more (and she has more of these fabulous creations!).

The nostepinne is sitting on top of the bowl.  I’ve seen a couple of tutorials on how to use one and they all seem to take forever to wind but once you get going it’s no slower then doing a ball by hand, except this way you end up with a nice centre-pull ball!

The yarn that is in the bowl is Knit Picks Palette in Iris Heather and is going to become Damask by Kitman Figueroa.  Since it’s already started and therefore on my “to-do” list I think it will be the next thing that get’s worked on.  I really want to finish my Catkin, but I’m just not feeling it right now.  I love the pattern, don’t get me wrong, but I have an itch for lace, I’m having withdrawals and I need a fix!


My Sky Isle Cardi has been steeked.  It took a whole pile of swatches – I don’t normally swatch at all, or I do just one small one.  I generally just go for it and check gauge after a few dozen rows.

Swatches, lost of little tiney swatches

After the swatches & re-doing the crochet in a lighter wool, I cut.

The spacing is because there was a counting problem with the original cast-on.

The first cut really is the hardest.  After that there is no going back!

And much relief was had by all (or at least by me)

Once it was done & didn’t immediately fall apart in my hands I was very much relieved.

Now it’s onto the button bands.  I got one mostly finished last night & I’m hoping to finish the other tonight.  After that it’s weave in a few ends and block.  I want to wear this to knit-night on Friday so there is great incentive for me to finish it tonight!

PS: the white “thread” that you can see in the last picture has no structural value, it’s crochet cotton that I ran through the row between the steeks and where I had to pick up for the button band, it’ll be pulled out later – I was just using it as a really easy marker.


About Jadedknitter

I'm an author, a knitwear designer, a painter, and trying to find my love of the kitchen again. I write romance novels (they're candy, for the brain!) and read mostly history. I love to knit in the evenings curled up with my pug and watching whatever documentary strikes my fancy. My designs are born from a desire to knit something that I can see in my minds eye but can't find a pattern for. My current crop of paintings have been Celtic knots, I've drawn them for years now I'm colouring them in. Who knows what I'll end up doing next!
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