Tour de Fleece

I’ve seen this floating around for a while, I’ve passed over it for a couple of years. This year apparently is the summer of challenges. For the tour de fleace I’m learning to spin. I have no goal other then actually making something that I can knit. It doesn’t even have to be enough to knit anything big, just enough that I can cast on and I’ll be happy.

I bought a bottom whorl drop spindle from my favorite yarn pushers store. The gleam in their eyes was positively gleeful when I said I was there to pick up spinning tools.

I have an apointment on Saturday to take my first lesson (and probably pick up more rovings…).

In true JadedKnitter style I couldn’t wait that long, I went home and pulled up my favorite youtube channels and gave it a go. It’s lumpy & bumpy in places but mostly consistent.


I should have used a smaller and much less brightly coloured leader, but it was handy.


This is the 20 gms of rovings that I picked up on Saturday, 10 grms of merino and 10 of something really soft.


And this is the never ending aeolian shawl. I only have 6 more rows. Unfortunately I’m well over the 1000 sts mark.

Back to the needles I go, I’m not going to do anything else until I’ve got this one done!


About Jadedknitter

I'm an author, a knitwear designer, a painter, and trying to find my love of the kitchen again. I write romance novels (they're candy, for the brain!) and read mostly history. I love to knit in the evenings curled up with my pug and watching whatever documentary strikes my fancy. My designs are born from a desire to knit something that I can see in my minds eye but can't find a pattern for. My current crop of paintings have been Celtic knots, I've drawn them for years now I'm colouring them in. Who knows what I'll end up doing next!
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