Day 2 – Saturdays are not for Working

Some days the light at the end of the tunnle is sunlight some days it’s a train.  Today the jury is still out but it sounds a whole lot like a train.  I detest in the deepest, darkest, strongest words you can think of, working Saturdays.  And just to top it off I came in and there were 30 people waiting in our queue.  Go shovle the driveway people!  Read a book!  Do anything but call me.

I end up working about 1 Saturday a year.  Apparently I was getting my 1 a year over with at the start.  I normally am the one to offer to work it though.  To put it bluntly I detest working Saturdays because that is when people are the nastiest.  It’s like they don’t want to be spending their precious weekend talking to me (I feel the same, but at least I’m getting paid to deal with you!) and they’ve forgotten that they called me.

I’ve started another pair of socks.  I need more and really should start making my own, especially seeing as I like knitting socks.  I also think that I should get some good wool and make myself some mitts & a hat.  I have made those in the past but they’re out of the cheap acrilyc and it just doesn’t stand up to the Canadian winter the way that good wool does.  I’ve got far too many WIP and really should finish some, but unfortunately a whole lot of them were started when I couldn’t buy good yarn, so there really isn’t all that much incentive to finish them.

Also just found out that one of my favorite sock yarns Opal Lollipop (Rav link) is discontinued.  Harmuph.  Going to have to see if any of the LYS in the city have some more so I can stash it.

Since I was up at about 6:30 (after being whacked with a bottle) and I’m driving to the boonies tomorrow I’m heading for bed!


About Jadedknitter

I'm an author, a knitwear designer, a painter, and trying to find my love of the kitchen again. I write romance novels (they're candy, for the brain!) and read mostly history. I love to knit in the evenings curled up with my pug and watching whatever documentary strikes my fancy. My designs are born from a desire to knit something that I can see in my minds eye but can't find a pattern for. My current crop of paintings have been Celtic knots, I've drawn them for years now I'm colouring them in. Who knows what I'll end up doing next!
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